How to upload wallpapers

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How to upload wallpapers to

  1. Press Login/Register button in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Register using the form on the left OR login with existing Facebook or Twitter account.

    You can connect both Facebook and Twitter accounts to Picky's later.
  3. Click on the +SUBMIT entry of the drop-down menu or on the big green plus icon in the right bar.
  4. Pretty much explained there, just drag your pictures on purple button, or press it and select path to images.
  5. Wait for a script to finish processing your upload.
  6. Press big green button to proceed.
  7. Now it is time to describe your wallpapers. Choose category, subcategory and come up with a title. Make sure to throw in some tags (3-5 would be great) and fill copyright info. If you feel that no categories do match your upload, try Miscellaneous – there are lots of random subcategories to choose from. If all pictures in your batch are similar-themed, you can use "copy" link to paste down info to all wallpapers below.
  8. When done, click Submit button and after moderation your wallpapers will be available in all sizes for lots of devices and screens.
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